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More Than 70 Leading Experts Have Joined “Ask The Experts” in BG-Mamma

BG-Mamma’s initiative for free online consultations for all registered users has attracted 76 leading experts since its launch in 2020 until now.

“Ask The Experts” is our company’s largest social initiative and the content it has generated enjoys the highest level of trust in BG-Mamma, according to an official survey.

“Ask The Experts” attracts an average of 20,000 users every month and generates 85,000 page views. The landing page has a bounce rate of 33%, compared to an average of 47% bounce rate for all BG-Mamma pages.

Children’s surgeon Prof. Ognyan Brankov, allergist Dr. Mariana Mandazhieva, Petar Petrov – master kinesitherapist, Niki Sukov – nutrition coach, experts from “Children on Board”, homeopath and naturopath Mira Delcheva, psychotherapists Lyudmil Stefanov and Detelina Stamenova are among the experts who have their own Q&A threads.

Lawyers, consultants in the field of education and personal development, caretakers of pregnant women and newborns and other specialists have also joined our initiative so they in order to share their knowledge with users of the most influential Bulgarian communication platform.

After the end of the active consultation period, each expert thread is archived and remains available for reading. Meanwhile, new specialists are also joining the project.

4,500 Posts Are Published Daily in BG-Mamma