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BG-Mamma in 2022: Over a million and a half unique users per month

In the past year 2022, an average of 1 519 932 monthly users visited BG-Mamma.

The largest Bulgarian communication platform maintains the trend of attracting about 25% of Bulgarians online. At the same time, a small increase compared to the previous year marks the average time spent on a page, which now reaches exactly two minutes.

On average, over 600 topics are launched on the platform every month. The category in which users have started the most new discussions is “Health”.

The number of new posts in BG-Mamma last year exceeded one and a half million. Their exact number is 1 633 075. That makes an average of almost 4500 posts published daily.

New created topics are 7 672, or an average of 21 new topics per day. Most of them were in the “Health” category, followed by “Pregnancy and childbirth”, “Free time”, “Home” and “Children”.

According to the indicator of the number of new posts, BG-Mamma users communicated most actively in the category “Free time”, part of which are the topics of cinema, books, sports, restaurants, entertainment. Its posts have increased by nearly 700 000 in one year. It is followed by the categories “Beauty”, “Pregnancy and childbirth”, “Shopping” and “Family”.