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Advertising Rates

Standard Formats

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preselected pages
Medium Rectangle 300×250
12 BGN15 BGN
Leaderboard 728×90, 970×90

14 BGN18 BGN
Megaboard 970×200

20 BGN22 BGN
Billboard 970×250

20 BGN22 BGN
Sticky Ad 120×600, 160×600, 300×600

14 BGN18 BGN
Footer Banner n/a

320×50, 320×100, 300×250
14 BGN18 BGN
Anchor n/a

320×50, 320×100
18 BGN22 BGN

Non-standard Formats

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preselected pages
Parallax 970×800
300×600, 360×690
22 BGN26 BGN
Flying Carpet n/a

300×600, 320×480, 300×480
22 BGN26 BGN
Spin Cube 300×250
20 BGN24 BGN
Spin Banner 970×250, 970×200

22 BGN26 BGN
Swipe Banner 300×250
22 BGN26 BGN
Interstitial 800×600
45 BGN55 BGN
Wallpaper 2x470x910

30 BGN35 BGN
Synchronized banners (Wallpaper & Rectangle) 470×910 + 470×910 + 300×250

35 BGN45 BGN

Video Formats

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preselected pages
Videostitial 800×600
48 BGN58 BGN
In-content Video 728×500, 728×410
320×230, 320×180
20 BGN24 BGN
In-banner video (Outstream Video) 300×250
18 BGN24 BGN

Additional indexes

Indexations are applied on top of the base CPM
(gross cost per 1000 impressions)

Time zone targeting10%
Daily frequency10%
Co-branding (additional trademarks)20%
Viewability rate (guaranteed visibility)50%

Native content and special projects

Native Content Desctop & Mobile Guaranteed distribution Price
PR article Post in relevant groups and announcing 200 000 impressions 1000 BGN
Product topic with user poll Post in relevant groups and announcing 200 000 impressions 1300 BGN
Giveaway topic Post in relevant groups and announcing 300 000 impressions 2000 BGN
Custom user poll (min. 300 respondents) On request
Special projects are prepared individually according to the client’s goals. On request
All prices for native content and special projects are calculated on a weekly basis (7 days).
Minimum net volume for a campaign – BGN 900 excluding VAT

Additional opportunities for native content and special projects

Text editing*80 BGN
Custom editor’s text*200 BGN
Topic branding**200 BGN
Branding of user posts**250 BGN
Poll in topic400 BGN
Additional post in a thread**250 BGN
*The prices of the offered services are not subject to any discounts.
**The formats offered are purchased as an option to a thread and are priced on a weekly basis. The remaining options are paid once and are not offered independently.

Programmatic advertising
NEG.BG AD offers programmatic purchase of standard ads and video ads through a direct transaction technology. Programmatic advertising is based on agreed net prices and volumes purchased and served through a programmatic serving system, which includes the technological cost. The net volume is specified in the agreement signed with the advertiser/advertising agency.


Net volume for 2024Discount
901 – 3 0008%
3 001 – 10 00010%
10 001 – 20 00015%
20 001 – 40 00020%
40 001 – 60 00025%
60 001+negotiable

Additional discounts

Additional discountsDiscount
Discount for combination of native and display advertising2%
Net Volume Growth Discount of 20% to 40% (2024 vs. 2023)3%
Net Volume Growth Discount 41% to 50% (2024 vs. 2023)4%
Discount for net volume growth above 51% (2024 vs. 2023)5%
  1. Gross volume means all claimed amounts in the calendar year 2024 before VAT and deduction of any discounts.
  2. Net volume means all amounts claimed in the calendar year 2024 before VAT and after deducting the relevant discounts.
  3. The amount of the volume discount is determined by the total net volume invested. As the net volume increases throughout the year, a higher volume discount is applied for the month in which the net volume increases.
  4. All discounts are calculated cumulatively and are exclusive of VAT.