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Native Advertising

The various native ad formats on our platform are designed to help you achieve specific marketing goals.

Discussions with shared useful content, as well as online consultations with a specialist (brand ambassador), build awareness and trust. Product sampling or BG-Mamma user reviews successfully introduce new launches, and sponsored discussions with a giveaway and relevant question may also be used to drive traffic to the client’s website.

Your native campaigns are a way for your brand to interact directly with consumers, as all posts will remain on BG-Mamma even after the campaign expires, so they may be indexed by search engines and generate additional views indefinitely. This is part of the platform’s unique advertising resource.

See the top 5 most successful native formats in BG-Mamma and how they work:

  • Giveaway Topic

    Giveaway Topic

    Forum thread with giveaway We create forum threads with giveaways to make our users acknowledge the qualities of products and services, and to gain brand awareness. It is also efficient for generating traffic to your website.

  • Expert Advice

    Expert Advice

    Online consultations with experts are great for increasing brand awareness, and create brand trust and loyalty.

  • Product or service reviews by opinion leaders

    Product or service reviews by opinion leaders

    A unique marketing tool that only BG-Mamma offers in Bulgaria.

  • Sampling


    We carefully select potential clients for your brand and let them test and rate your product or service.

  • Custom user poll

    Custom user poll

    Shows how users evaluate your products or services, provides insights about competitor brands, or gives a general picture of the consumer habits and expectations in your specific segment.