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Our team comprises highly motivated professionals with achievements in areas such as building and developing online products and services, programming, digital marketing, etc. Our colleagues include people who participated in the creation of some of the most successful online services and products in the Bulgarian web space.

Due to the new strategy of the company, we work in startup mode, with everyone contributing with their knowledge and experience as much as possible and being highly valued for it. The company’s structure is rather horizontal, so that each good idea could be easily heard and then implemented quickly and efficiently.

Detelina Atanasova

“Even the best idea has no value if we fail to realize it.”

We believe

that people communicate freely and fully when they are connected in communities by interest. Their sense of belonging is a primordial human need and forms the foundation of any small or large community.

Marina Kuzmanova-Mamma
BG-Mamma Founder, Product Manager

“I love learning and challenging myself by stepping outside my comfort zone.”

Maria Tsvetkova
 Sales Manager

“If you don’t like what you get, change what you give.”

Jacklin Milanova
Advertising and Product Campaigns

“If you can dream something, you can achieve it!”

Nia Stefanova
Digital Sales Expert

“Always look life straight in the eye”

Adriana Angelova
Special Projects Manager

“I love dynamics and challenges because they fill me with energy and motivation.”

Petya Bondokova
PR & Content Manager

“The most important thing in any job is to feel that you are really useful and that you are among like-minded people.”

Julian Kuzmanov
Chief Administrator

“I feel at home both at home and in the forum. But at sea and in water – this is my favorite environment.”

Mariela Zaralieva
Ad Ops & Digital Analytics

“Any real goal should scare you a little and inspire you a lot.”

Milko SLavov

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

Miroslav Rusev
Lead Developer

“Choose a job you love and then you won’t have to work a day in your life”

Zhivko Kasabov
Senior Developer

“Every challenge is an opportunity to learn and evolve.”

Daniela Kisyova
Administrative Manager

“The flowers in me are blooming,
so as my sunny day.”


To build a high-tech product that provides the best possible online environment for free and effective communication and for generating unique and useful content for everyone.

Silvia Kirilova
Finance and Sales Consultant

“The only way to start is to stop talking and get to work.”

Georgi Tsvetanov
Always a part of our team