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About BG-Mamma

We are the largest Bulgarian communication platform.

We have nearly two million unique visitors per month, and our platform has been active for 20 years. Although BG-Mamma was initially created as a pregnancy and motherhood portal, today the platform is a place to exchange useful information and personal recommendations on all kinds of topics.

Users are actively engaged in their interest groups – from family, home and cuisine to travel, finance, health and beauty.

The platform enjoys a high degree of user trust.

70% of platform users say that they make a purchase decision after reading information on BG-Mamma first.

Users give a score of 9.56 out of 11 on their propensity to click on a BG-Mamma result in a Google search.*

What audience will you reach?

Our users are between the ages of 25 and 54 – an active age, from high-income households*, and they play a key part in making a purchase decision. 82% of all users live in cities with over 100,000 inhabitants.

What are the unique benefits of BG-Mamma for your brand?

• Our users visit the platform with the mindset of getting and sharing useful information. Many of them have formed extremely loyal interest groups and have been communicating with each other for years.

• You get the opportunity to position your advertisement in a context where users are positive, they are not distracted and do not perceive advertising messages as spam.

• We target our advertising communication precisely so that it reaches the right groups of interested users. In this way, the advertising message achieves a long-term constructive effect for your brand.

• Our team works with native formats proven as effective, which engage users in useful discussions. You can get valuable feedback about the attitudes and evaluation of your target audience. In BG-Mamma, members of individual online communities communicate in guaranteed anonymity and strict moderation, so that every shared opinion is as straightforward as possible, yet in a constructive tone.

• Possibility of reviews by real users who use and like the product/service of the respective client, as well as those who are distinguished by popularity and authority in their field of interests.

• The posts on our platform are not limited by time and may always be found using Google search. We will help with the SEO optimization of your corporate website or online store.

*Data from a representative survey conducted jointly with the JTN Research agency in 2022.