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“BG-Mamma Turns 20” Became One Of Our Most Successful Native Projects

A different format with plenty of surprises, sponsored giveaways, inspiring discussions – “BG-Mamma Turns 20” offered our users an exciting mix and the results in numbers were expectedly high. 

This special anniversary project was in fact an interactive online calendar, integrated within BG-Mamma and launched earlier this year. In order to generate anticipation, we had a teaser campaign inside the platform as well as across our social media channels. 

For 20 consecutive days, the calendar would unlock a new window every day, revealing the next surprise for our users. We mixed giveaways with prizers from our advertising partners, and inspiring discussions that were related to the 20th anniversary of BG-Mamma.

“BG-Mamma Turns 20” generated over 280 000 views, while the sponsored giveaways generated an average of 10 000 views each. Learn more about the projects and find out what brands took part HERE.