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“Ask The Experts” – Free Online Expert Help During The Pandemic

With no physical access to specialised help, the outbreak of the pandemic has left many people worried, anxious and scared. To help in these difficult times, BG-Mamma has launched a one-of-a-kind social project: “Ask The Experts”.

This category on our social platform consists of different Q&A topics featuring doctors, psychologists, and therapists. In each topic, registered users can ask questions online and get answers for free.

A number of medical experts, as well as specialists in other fields, joined us in this social mission.

Among them were Prof. Dr. Ivan Chavdarov, Dr. Alexander Simidchiev, Dr. Milena Yankova, Dr. Rumen Velev, Dr. Neli Miteva, as well as psychologists Detelina Stamenova and Lyudmil Stefanov.

BG-Mamma users can also write to Delyan Keremedchiev (university lecturer in computer science), Mariyana Manusheva (first aid instructor), nutritionist Ipokratis Papadimitrakos, as well as Stanimir Andonov – a marketing and branding expert who is ready to help owners of small and medium-sized businesses struggling during the health and economic crisis.

When the pandemic broke out, we quickly arranged a series of interviews with key experts, who could provide important answers about the health situation. We spoke to Dr. Stoicho Katsarov, Chairman of the Center for Protection of Rights in Healthcare, Dr. Alexander Simidchiev, pulmonologist, Zhenya Georgieva, psychotherapist, Denitsa Sacheva – Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Darin Madzharov from the video teaching platform and Dr. Rada Markova – paediatrician and children’s pulmonologist.

The interviews were carried out by popular journalists Anna Tsolova and Mirolyuba Benatova. BG-Mamma users’ questions were answered during the interviews, along with Anna and Mirolyuba’s.

“Ask The Experts” became a social project that quickly reached a large number of people in need. As a result, the vast audience of BG-Mamma has access to expert help that can positively impact their health, family or career.

Each Q&A topic in “Ask the Experts” is easily accessible and can be read by non-registered users. However, in order to ask a question, you must first create a profile on BG-Mamma.

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