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24.3% increase in newly created topics on BG-Mamma

In 2023, BG-Mamma had more unique users and a major increase in the number of newly created topics compared to the previous year.

Newly created topics on the platform increased by 24.3%.

In 2022, their total number was 7,672, increasing year-on-year to an impressive 9,543 new topics.

Monthly unique users on the largest Bulgarian social platform were 1 600 000 last year. This indicator also marks an increase compared to 2022, when unique users totaled 1 519 932.

“Health” remains the category with the most new topics, as it did last year.

It is followed by “Family Relations”, “Beauty”, “Pregnancy and Childbirth” and “Shopping”.

The top category for new posts remains “Leisure” – in which users discuss cinema, theater and television, restaurants, books and sports. Next comes “Beauty”, “Family”, “Free time” and “Shopping”. The total number of new posts on BG-Mamma for the whole year was 1 503 600.

In “Ask The Experts” – BG-Mamma’s initiative for free online consultations, last year we launched 13 new Q&A topics.

Family therapist Maya Maneva, child and adolescent psychologist Antoaneta Georgieva, orthopedist Dr. Rosen Georgiev and aesthetic dermatologist Dr. Ivan Peev were among the new consultants who joined the initiative. All of them now answer questions from registered users online, providing expert support quickly and absolutely free of charge. Learn more about “Ask The Experts”

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