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Easter 2024

Again this year we will gather all Easter-themed user and advertising content into a special landing page with themed recipes, decoration ideas, Easter games, holiday-friendly destinations and much more.

Positioning your product topic within a positive holiday context ensures its visibility and provokes additional consumer interest. The landing page generates nearly half a million impressions annually with an average time spent of 00:01:48 and an engagement rate of over 80%.

Advertising offer
  • Display advertising with no additional cost for targeting

Easter Cookbook

For 2 weeks, we challenge the large culinary community on the platform to share their favorite recipes for themed dishes in a cookbook topic.

We invite a proven and respected influencer in our culinary community, who publishes his author’s content in the topic. The project provides an opportunity for the advertiser to position itself among a highly engaged audience and link its brand with useful content, associating with the Easter holidays;

Advertising offer
  • Product advertising with the participation of an influential user with text and photos in author’s recipes;
  • Ability to share recipes by the advertiser with a link to the site;
  • Branding of the project and user posts;
  • Instagram / Facebook posts.

Price: BGN 6,000

Easter Egg Hunt – an interactive game

This year, the platform also offers a more unconventional way to present your brand.

From 15.04.2024 to 06.05.2024, users are on the trail of virtual Easter eggs hidden on the pages of BG-Mamma. Each of our campaign partners will have their own virtual basket of branded Easter eggs that we will “hide” on targeted pages on the platform.

In a specially created topic, we will invite users to join the search for the branded eggs that can bring them attractive rewards. In the topic and on BG-Mamma’s social networks, we will share various hints that will direct users to the places where they can find the eggs.

Each egg on click will lead to a partner product theme with a game in two stages – 5 days each. The first stage will be exclusive only to participants who found the hidden eggs, and the second stage will be open to all users of the platform. In this way, egg “hunters” will have a double chance to win a prize.

Advertising offer
  • Product topic with giveaway – 10 days;
  • Branded Easter Egg Banner 300×250 px – 250,000 Impressions;
  • Native banner 300×250 px – 250,000 impressions;
  • FB post – 1 pc.

Price: BGN 2,500

Price upon request until 04/15/2024 – BGN 2,000.