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Online consultations with an endocrinologist sponsored by

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When brands provide added value, people are more likely to trust them. The impact is even greater if it is delivered through personal expert care.

In July 2023, we carried out such a campaign for, one of the leading distributors of food supplements. 

Aside from building trust, the campaign brought impressive traffic to the client’s website.

For this project, provided free online consultations with an experienced endocrinologist for registered users of BG-Mamma. In the Q&A topic, Dr. Mariela Yovcheva answered questions related to health problems that affect a lot of people in our country, especially women. Menopause symptoms, metabolic disorders, excess weight, and hormonal hair loss were among the most commonly reported concerns. In three weeks almost 3,000 people visited the topic.

Campaign results:

  • 3000 unique users
  • Average time on page 1 minute and 52 seconds
  • 739 link to client’s website