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Back to School

“Back to School” is an independent index (microsite) of the BG-Mamma platform.

The annual project reaches over 55,000 users and over 600,000 views.

The target audience consists of parents of children of school and preschool age living in Bulgaria.

The project positions you among a wealth of useful and up-to-date content familiar with the preparation of students and their parents for school.

You can read more about the project HERE.

Positioning opportunities in 2023:

Giveaway Topic

7 days + 3 days bonus

  • Product/service presentation;
  • Activation with rewards (up to 15) for users;
  • Promotion of the topic with native advertising – 300,000 impressions;
  • Topic positioning in Back to School index.

Gross price for 1 week: BGN 2,000*
Bonus: +3 days

Project branding

  • Branding of the Back to School project and its associated desktop and mobile custom themes
  • Guaranteed impressions – 500,000;
  • Minimum 25% branding from guaranteed impressions;
  • Formats – Wallpaper & 300×250.

Gross price (25%): BGN 4,000
Gross price (50%): BGN 8,000

Gross price (100%): BGN 16,000

Targeted display advertising

300х250/Swipe banner

  • 150,000 impressions, split 70:30 between mobile and desktop;
  • +30% bonus impressions for 300×250;
  • +20% bonus impressions for Swipe banner;
  • No additional cost for targeting in selected categories.

Gross price (300×250): BGN 1,800*
Gross price (Swipe banner): BGN 2,400*

*All prices are VAT Excluded