The NEG.BG team, workplace and mission

Mission and vision

We believe that people should be able to communicate freely and to connect within communities of interest, where they have a sense of belonging and can exchange valuable information.

Our mission is to engineer a high-tech product that provides the best possible environment for free and effective online communication and for generating unique, useful user content.

The team

Our team consists of 15+ highly motivated professionals with achievements in building and developing online products and services, programming, digital marketing and sales, and others. Some of the people on our team were among the founders of some of the most successful online services and products in Bulgaria.

Startup environment

Due to the ambitious strategy for our product, NEG.BG has entered a startup mode, where everyone is free to contribute in any way with their knowledge and experience – and is highly valued for that. The structure of the company is rather horizontal, so that we hear every good idea and implement it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We work from 09:30 to 18:30, but flexibility comes first. If you have to take your child to class or see your dentist, you don’t have to wait for lunch break. You can also use extra time, as long as you meet the deadlines and do your job well.

Our place

Our office is located in downtown Sofia, near the largest metro stations „Serdika“ and „St. Kliment Ohridski“. It has a co-working space vibe, the most comfortable for the hybrid way of working that we have been sticking with for the last two years. We often meet there in small groups – to work on current projects, and sometimes just in order to share a nice conversation.

The office also has separate spaces for quiet, independent work.

How you can apply

We will be happy to review your CV, which you can send us at [email protected].

We will contact appropriate candidates for introductory meetings. The next step is to talk to our Lead Dev and to test your skills with a quick hiring assignment.

Our aim is to shorten the distance as quickly as possible and gain an objective idea whether you are our perfect new colleague and if our company is your perfect new job!

We will be as specific as possible during the hiring process, and make it absolutely transparent. We respect your time and efforts, just as we respect our own!

In order to implement its development strategy, the company will be periodically hiring new team members.

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