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Special projects for Christmas 2023

The activities “Holiday game of fortune”, “Letter to Santa” and “Holiday cookbook” are also part of BG-Mamma’s Christmas advertising activities and provoke serious consumer interest every year.

Letter to Santa

The project is implemented through a three-week advertising publication and is part of the special “Christmas” landing page of BG-Mamma and was launched at the beginning of December.

The campaign gives an exclusive opportunity for one advertiser to position itself amidst a positive consumer discussion.

The topic will include a challenge for users to share what their children’s Christmas letter wishes are for the upcoming holidays. Children’s Christmas wishes will be shared by parents over three weeks during the campaign:

  • Week 1 “Share with us what type of gifts does your child enjoy the most?”
  • Week 2 “Share your child’s Christmas letter with us!”
  • Week 3 “Visit the advertiser’s website and share a link to the gift that will please your child the most”

At the end of the campaign, a few users selected on a random basis will receive prizes. Prizes could be the dream Christmas gifts, shopping vouchers or anything else at the customer’s discretion.

Advertising positioning
  • Positioning in a special BG-Mamma page – “Christmas 2023”;
  • Presentation with description and logo – active link to the site;
  • 100% topic branding during the period with Wallpaper on desktop and Swipe banner on mobile;
  • Native Banner promoting the post – 600,000 impressions;
  • Topic announcing on BG-Mamma Facebook page;
  • Positioning of the publication in relevant groups for the entire period of the project – special page “Christmas”, “Shopping”, “Parents in Bulgaria” and others;
  • The post remains in the main topic group, always accessible through the BG-Mamma search engine and indexed by Google Search.

Gross price: BGN 5 000*

Christmas cookbook

For 4 weeks, we challenge the large culinary community on the platform to share their favorite recipes in a purpose-built topic. We invite a proven and respected influencer in our culinary community, who publishes his author’s content in the topic.

The project provides an opportunity for the advertiser to position itself among a highly engaged audience and associate its brand with useful content, associating with an emotional occasion such as Christmas;

Advertising positioning
  • Product advertising by an influential user with text and photos;
  • Recipes posts by the advertiser with a website link;
  • Branding of the project and user posts;
  • Instagram / Facebook posts.

The project will be further promoted through co-branded banner advertising, mailing to 50,000+ registered users, notifications.

Gross price: BGN 15 000*

Holiday game of fortune

The game “Holiday fortunes” is one of the most successful projects among BG-Mamma users.

The game takes place on a separate landing page where every user of the platform can draw a lucky fortune.

Everyone can share their fortune in a specially created topic on the platform and in their own social networks, and every registered user participates in a raffle with prizes provided by advertisers.

Period: 06 December – 06 January

Advertising positioning
  • Branding of fortunes with a brand logo;
  • Placing of advertiser’s logo on the game page;
  • Branding of the project in desktop and mobile;
  • Brand logo in the advertising banners for platform promotion of the game;
  • Mention as a sponsor of the Game of Fortune Facebook post;

Gross price (25%): BGN 5 000*

Gross price (50%): BGN 8 000*

* All prices are VAT excluded and subject to a volume or agency discount.