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Recurring Projects

2024 Calendar of activities

For the convenience of our partners, we have created this calendar with promotional packages for each period of the year.

Experts Speak

Experts Speak – free online consultations with experts. At the beginning of 2020, at BG-Mamma we created a unique space for free online consultations for all registered users. Experts Speak brings together consultants with expertise and experience in a variety of fields, from medicine, psychology and nutrition to career counseling, law and interior improvements. All… Read More »Experts Speak

Back to school

Back to School is an independent index (microsite) of the BG-Mamma platform. Annually, the project reaches 55,000+ users and generates 600,000+ views. The target audience consists of parents of children of school and preschool age living in Bulgaria. The project positions you among a wide range of useful and up-to-date content related to the preparation… Read More »Back to school


Every year, all useful user discussions and advertising topics presenting attractive products, services and promotions related to the holiday are collected оn a special BG-Mamma landing page. For a month, users can get informed, ask questions and share opinions about holiday shopping and preparation on the Easter page. Opportunities for ad placement in the Easter… Read More »Easter